Budtender Basics Certification Course Review THC University

Budtender Basics

One of the most exciting and new careers out there in the marijuana dispensary service industry is that of Budtender.  There are many attractive things about obtaining a position in the Budtender industry.  In addition to helping thousands of new customers get a product that is badly needed, you may also find you get discounts on your own weed.  It’s a privileged position in the weed industry and that’s why it requires certification.  

BudTender jobs are highly sought after but it’s estimated that a few thousand budtender jobs are opening every single month in the United States.  Wondering How to become a budtender?  There are several different places where you can get budtender training to add to your budtender resume.  For the easiest and most efficient budtender certification an online course with THC University tends to be the fastest and easiest way to secure legitimacy.

With a Budtender Basics course from THC University, you can expect to complete your course easily and online.  When you’re done you should be a well educated Budtender ready for a job at your local pot shop.  It’s a very legit course when it comes to being a useful and certified employee in a marijuana dispensary.

Budtender Basics Certification Course Cost

The Budtender Basics Certification course at THC University is available as part of an All Access Account.  You can get full access to all course content for just $187.  Courses include Introduction to CBD, Terpenes Basics, Budtender Basics, Marijuana 101, Grow Basics, Horticulture Specialist, Cannabis Business, Safety Regulations Colorado, and Safety Regulations Washington.

Budtender Basics Certification Course Rubric

The Budtender program from THC University is specified to instruct dispensary staff on how to understand the crucial parts of being a budtender.  Topics include how to understand customer tolerance, the different cannabis products (indica, sativa, CBD, hybrids, prerolls, etc.) and how to provide great customer service to dispensary customers.  A complete course curriculum is listed below.

  • Consumer Tolerance
  • Hash and Concentrates (includes one lesson and one Exam)
  • Smoke, Vapor, Edibles (includes one lesson and one Exam)
  • Sublingual, Transdermal, Topical (includes one lesson and one Exam)

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