Grow Basics

Grow Basics is a course offered at THC University that focuses on teaching the basics of the Marijuana Growing industry.  The course is based on the work of Jorge Cervantaes entitled “Marijuana Grow Basics.”  This course is designed to be interactive and has more visual components in it than any other course in marijuana certification on the web.  Pictures, video, and audio are all included in your course registration.  

The Grow Basics course from THC university is designed to give indoor cannabis cultivators enough information to grow their crops.  The course also aims to not provide soo much information as to overwhelm the student with horticultural concepts.  This course aims to provide insights from the tour of 150 different grow rooms that Jorge Cervantes visited in his novel.  It’s an in-depth hands on experience you won’t get anywhere else online.  The course only has one quiz but does its best to be as interactive as possible for a very legit course experience.

Grow Basics Price

The Grow Basics course from THC University comes as part of a membership with THC University.  You’ll get access to a number of courses for $187.  Other courses you will receive access to with a membership are Introduction to CBD, Terpenes Basics, Budtender Basics, Marijuana 101, Grow Basics, Horticulture Specialist, Cannabis Business, Safety Regulations Colorado, and Safety Regulations Washington.

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