Horticulture Specialist Course Online THC University Review

Horticulture Specialist Certification

The Horticulture Specialist Certification course at THC University is for the more serious students in the subject of growing marijuana.  The program is designed for students who are interested in becoming experts at the artform of cannabis production.  Not only does this course offer instructions for becoming a master at indoor cannabis growing, it also covers other hot topics like concentrates, outdoor growing, and everything else you could want to know about the commercial side of THC.  Those who take this course should know that it is best experienced on a larger device like an IPad or a Kindle.  This course includes an E book.

Horticulture Specialist Certification Course Cost

The Horticulture Specialist Certification Course is part of the All Access Account at CBD University.  For $187 you get access to this course as well as all of the other Marijuana courses offered with CBD University instruction.  Courses that are available at CBD University include Introduction to CBD, Terpenes Basics, Budtender Basics, Marijuana 101, Grow Basics, Horticulture Specialist, Cannabis Business, Safety Regulations Colorado, and Safety Regulations Washington.

Horticulture Specialist Certification Course Syllabus

The Horticulture Specialist course at CBD University covers the different and dynamic parts of marijuana distribution at a commercial level.  You can expect the course to be taught in the following format.  

Marijauan Horticulture (Includes Quiz)

Seeds and Seedlings (Includes Quiz)

Vegetative Growth (Includes Quiz)

Harvest (Includes Quiz)

Flowering (Includes Quiz)

Grow Rooms and Greenhouses (Includes Quiz)

Outdoors (Includes Quiz)

Case Study and Grow Calendar

Lamps, Lights, and Electricity (Includes Quiz)

Soil and Containers (Includes Quiz)

Water and Nutrients (Includes Quiz)

Hydroponic Gardening (Includes Quiz)

Air (Includes Quiz)

Pests, Fungi, and Diseases (Includes Quiz)

Hash and Oil Making (Includes Quiz)

Breeding (Includes Quiz)

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