Aceable Audio Only Texas Defensive Driving Course

One of the most innovative companies in online education over the past decade has been Aceable.  The Austin, Texas-based educator has grown to be one of the largest drivers education providers on earth.  Since the E-Learning outfit became a company in October of 2012, it has expanded to multiple states and educated millions on how to be safer drivers on the roadways.  In 2022, the company is still innovating.  This time they’ve launched the first audio-based defensive driving course of its kind in Texas (and the US).  When it comes to dismissing your ticket with ease, it doesn’t get any easier than the Aceable Handsfree Audio Defensive Driving Course.

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Dismiss Your Ticket in Texas On the Go

There is never a good time to get a traffic ticket.  Nearly all of us know that feeling of gazing into the rearview only to be met with flashing lights and a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.  The discomfort usually lasts more than just that moment as your life is challenged by points on your driving record.  These drastically impact your car insurance rates.  You can choose to pay your hefty fine and take the points, or you can spend time dismissing your ticket online or in a classroom.  For decades, these have been the only options you have.  Aceable has changed all of that.  Now you can take your course hands-free, on the go, and with audio-only.  

This Aceable Driving Safety Course is fun and engaging.  It doesn’t require any screen time and works much like a podcast you would listen to while commuting to work.  There really is no better option for those looking to ditch their traffic tickets.  Now you can maximize your time by dismissing your citation as you clean the house, walk the dog, jog, or do anything else you can think of.  All you have to do is listen. 

Cheapest Texas Defensive Driving Course Allowed By Law

There is a very peculiar rule in Texas.  Defensive Driving courses have a price floor.  This means there is a minimum amount they must be sold for by state law.  This price is $25.  That means there’s no reason to price shop.  You won’t find a cheaper approved course.  At $25, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars on what you would have paid in ticket fees.  You’ll also be saving money on your insurance rates as you avoid points on your record.  It’s a pretty sweet deal and it’s made even sweeter by the fact that the course will save you time and allow you to do whatever you want while you’re taking it.  

Money-Back Guarantee

Don’t trust the course on a surface level?  We don’t see why you wouldn’t, but Aceable takes care of you anyways.  Aceable offers a fully refundable clause in every course they sell.  If you do not like the course, can’t take the course due to technology, or have any other reasons to be dissatisfied, you will receive a full refund as long as the request in made within 30 days of purchase.  Email [email protected] if you have any questions or refund requests.

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