Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight has been around in the online course space since 2004.  That’s a pretty early start for an online school that specializes in coding and more complex IT concepts.  The company offers a Javascrit pathway, Angular pathway, Python Pathway, C# pathway, and IT Ops pathway among others.  In our opinion the company offers legit courses in a number of areas and completely lives up to the hype.  The only drawback on the courses offered here is the cost.  This is an expensive option when it comes to online coursework.  As they say, you get what you pay for.  Pluralsight is worth every penny if you really want to invest in your future.

Pluralsight Review in a Nutshell

Other course providers offer a much more variable range of skill based courses, but when it comes to IT and tech related education topics there’s no one better in the industry.  The choice for a great IT education is Plugalsight.  It’s at the top of the list for all coding types in addition to niche IT career skills like software development, cybersecurity and big data.

At you’ll find thousands of courses that will help you keep up with the rapidly changing technology industry that best fits you.  You can apply concepts learned with hands on training.  You’ll be better prepared for real-world problem solving scenarios because of the projects that are available with the company’s innovative course structuring.

Certification and identifying core skills that need improvement are a big aspect of what separates Pluralsight from other online course providers in its category.  You can validate your skill level by taking a short assessment that takes 5 minutes or less.  The channels capacity at allow you to curate work and share it with fellow students.  This collaboration is helpful and creates a better space for students to learn and reach goals collaboratively.  At the end of the course students receive certification on the studied skill.  It is easily sharable with employers.

Pluralsight only has one drawback.  For online coursework it can be considered on the expensive side.  At time of writing Pluralsight was $24 per month with a normal plan.  This price includes access to their 7,500 courses and learning pathways.  You can do coursework on both mobile and television apps that can be found in your devices app store.  If you want to commit to a longer term, Pluralisght is $245 for a year of membership.  This is a 14% savings.  If you buy around black friday or cyber monday you may be able to secure an even better deal on Pluralsight.

We think Pluralsight is a very good course providers and IT professionals really should use the best.  Good courses help us separate ourselves from the pack in technology.  Try the service for free but consider signing up for a longer term to truly level up.

What is Pluralsight?

You may recognize the name Pluralsight if you’ve ever searched for a technology based online course.  Pluralsight is an online learning management system that connects students to 7,500 different online courses and learning pathways.  The company operates on a subscription based pricing model.  This keeps their online learning experiences affordable and on a demand basis.  You can cancel the program at any time which makes it a favorite of those learners who fear commitment (or digging too deeply into their wallets).

Pluralsight was founded in 2004 but has more recently seen rapid adoption in a tech hungry jobs market.  Recent company growth can also be attributed to strong partnerships and associations. now has 1500 different specialist instructors from Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Stack Overflow, and many others.  With several hundred thousand students the company accelerated its growth by going public in 2018.  It is listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker PS.  At the time we wrote this review the stock was trading at $17.50 per share.

Who is Pluralsight Good For?

This course isn’t right for everyone.  Pluralsight is extremely technology focused.  If you’re niche isn’t in the wide ranging information technology space you may be better served at Skillshare or Udemy.  

Pluralsight has a focus on coding.  It is for intermediate and advanced students who are looking to improve rapidly on a somewhat developed skill.  

This program can be for new students though they should be ready for a challenge and prepared to learn quickly on the fly.  The courses at Pluralsight will be difficult for beginners.  The course moves from elementary skills to advanced skills quite quickly.  Some experience is recommended but not required.

What Type of Course Does Pluralsight Offer

It would be absolutely impossible to list all 7500+ courses available at Pluralsight.  Pluralsight is the leading destination for online IT related courses and it gets the distinction for a reason.  The wide range of topics and disciplines that the company offers is staggering and unmatched in the world of digital education and LMS systems.

3D Animation
Adobe Programs
Big Data
Business Intelligence
Civil Engineering
Database Administration
Game Development
IT Networking
Malware Analysis
Microsoft Azure
Mobile Development
Networking Fundamentals
Online Security
Penetration Testing
Project Management
Scrum Framework
Security Auditing
Web Development

With such a wide array of topics, you can see that Pluralsight is at the top of the IT training course provider list.  They cover nearly every notable IT course topic and do it with the best teachers in the world.  Remember, you can try any of these courses free today and see if the offering is for you.

Course Technology for PluralSight

You have to be really impressed with the course technology at PluralSight.  After you sign up for your PluralSight subscription you’ll have unlimited access to each of the 7500+ course pathways.  Find the one that fits you and begin your PluralSight journey.

Once you’ve selected your specificity you can immediately begin interacting with online and on-demand videos that are broken down into smaller modules for the best learning experience.  You can download these videos to watch them offline in the event that you’re traveling or don’t have access to the internet.  You can also get transcripts of each video.  Even the exercise files are available to download and work on without access to the internet.

It varies on the course selected, but most courses at Pluralsight include interactive modules.  This allows you to code and learn from your instructor all at once.  Students then complete interactive quizzes.  They are challenged at the conclusion of each video module.  Live feedback is provided so that students can understand their level of progress.  

PluralSight Mobile App

Pluralsight is available on both the Google Play and Apple stores.  In addition Pluralsight is available on Apple TV, Rokue, AndroidTV, and FireTV.  The flexibility of Pluralsight’s mobile, desktop, and TV apps give you the ability to learn your way.  Whether you learn on the go, from your couch, or in the bath, PluralSight and their technological prowess allow you to learn when, where, and from whatever works best for you.

The Mobile App at PluralSight allows for offline viewing.  Download and watch content from your course when your wifi is out of reach or when you’re having an outage at home.  Implementation is seamless.  You can move from one device to another without gapping progress in your course.  Stream content on your television while you program along on your computer.

Course Quality at PluralSight

We really enjoy the course quality at PluralSight.  The learning structure is streamlined with common layouts to keep your learning management consistent.  The course provider has thousands of offerings across the platform.  From the limited amount of courses we’ve taken we find the provider to be extremely high in course content and instructor quality.  The ability to stream to a television while coding on a computer was extremely helpful for our experience.  It left us feeling a lot better with our knowledge retention.

Teaching Quality at PluralSight

One of the areas where PluralSight really shows its quality is with teaching instruction.  The course provider is much different from a provider like Udemy or Skillshare.  At these services anyone can upload a course.  At PluralSight only approved and strictly vetted content makes the cut.  It’s all taught by industry leading experts and panelists.  The teaching quality at PluralSight is nothing short of fantastic.

Are PluralSight Courses Certified?

The short and easy answer to this question is yes.  Once students have completed a course or module they will become eligible to download their certificate of completion.  This can then easily be applied and proved on a CV, resume, or LinkedIn profile.  

While PluralSight courses do come with a certification it is important to note that there is a difference between this and accreditation.  Despite offering top of the line education in technical skills, PluralSight is not an accredited university or institution.

Customer Service at PluralSight

The customer service department at PluralSight is helpful in the event that you have an application or device specific issue.  While this doesn’t happen often, it’s good to know there’s a team of handy customers service experts who are their to support you.  While you likely wont need it, PluralSight does have a toll-free number, chat support, and ticket support for more complex issues that need to be escalated and documented.

PluralSight for the Business World

While PluralSight is an excellent tool for students, employers in the business world are also offered a catered experience to LMS.  One of the really neat offerings PluralSight has is for business managers.  The program aims to help managers upskill and scale their staff training.

The company offers a unique set of aptitude tests in Skill IQ and Role IQ.  These test skill levels of team members and identify areas where they can improve and get better at their craft.  After these aptitude tests are taken each member of a business team is then catered with a unique learning experience that will be effective in making them the best employee they can be based on their needs.

The PluralSight business program is much more complex and thus a bit more expensive.  You’ll find companies like Adobe, Fujitsu, and NASDAQ have adopted the company’s business solution.  It’s a very legit business offering that drives a ton of value.

Is PluralSight Worth it?

Every learner is different but PluralSight is definitely worth it for the tech and IT crowd.  I can personally say that it has helped me better my skills and my career in web development and coding.

If you want to learn some of the most complex skills with the best teachers, you should use PluralSight.  The instruction level is top notch.  You’ll find your capabilities leveling up quite quickly because of the quality of the app technology too.  The price tag isn’t the cheapest here, but you do get the quality of education you pay for.  PluralSight is worth it.  Try it for free today!