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Live in the United States?  Find your state of residence on the map below!  At Legit Course, we compile the best, newest, and most legitimate approved courses.  We organize these courses by your area or state of jurisdiction.

Online Drivers Education Guides for Your State

Did you know that each state has different rules for drivers education?  It's true!  Even though you can drive in any US state with a valid, state-issued drivers license, getting your license in each state is drastically different.  Check out our step-by-step guides so that you have the knowledge you need to navigate the process of getting your drivers license!

Defenisve Driving, Traffic School and Ticket Dismissal in Your State

What a mouthful!  Just like Drivers Education and its curriculum differences in each state, ticket dismissal courses are also termed differently by the state you live.  In California getting your ticket dismissed is called “traffic school.”  In Texas, it's called “Defensive Driving.”  Most of us know it by name for what it achieves: “Ticket Dismissal.”  If you're in need of getting your ticket dismissed, make sure to check out the details on how to do so via our state-by-state online ticket dismissal guides below.

Real Estate Classes Online in Your State

Real Estate certification is regulated on the state level.  That means that what you need to become a licensed Real Estate Agent varies by the state in which you reside.  Are you looking to get a Real Estate License in your state?  Why not take an online real estate course?  Check out our exhaustive guides on how to get a Real Estate License below.

Best Online Course Providers

Check out the following online course providers.  Each is Legit Course approved and offers the highest level of instruction.  If you're considering a course, make sure to click on one of our branded links for an exclusive course discount!

Other Courses That May Interest You

While not certified specifically on the state or city level, these courses are approved for continuing education and general education on a national level.  Many of these courses are applicable internationally as well.