New York Defensive Driving and Ticket Dismissal Guide

Being pulled over by a police officer in New York may result in a traffic ticket. A violation like this can have a profound impact on your driving record, including fines, demerit points, and in extreme circumstances, even jail time.

In this guide, we focus on everything you need to dismiss your ticket in New York.  We try to be exhaustive in this article, so if you aren't interested in a ton of reading, we suggest heading over to IDriveSafely.

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New York Defensive Driving Course - IPIRP - NY DMV Approved -

Types of Traffic Tickets in New York

Traffic violations can vary widely in NY.  They range from speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license, DUI (driving under the influence), failure to yield, to being caught by red light cameras. The fines and penalties associated with these infractions can vary significantly.

Speeding in New York may lead to a fine ranging from $50 to $300.  A DUI violation may result in a penalty anywhere between $300 and $1,000 and carries the probability of license suspension. These violations also contribute to points on your driving license. Accumulating too many points may lead to a suspension of your driving privileges.

It is possible to contest these tickets in court.  You can hire legal representation to fight the case for you. If the judgment is in your favor, you avoid paying the fine, and points are not added to your license.  If the infraction is on the minor side, we highly recommend an online defensive driving course.  IDriveSafely will save you time, money, and stress.

Tips for Avoiding Traffic Tickets in New York

Here are some tips for avoiding traffic tickets in New York.

  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Maintain an awareness of your surroundings at all times.
  • Avoid distractions while driving, particularly mobile phones.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol.

Paying a Traffic Ticket in New York

If you choose not to contest your ticket, the fine can be paid online, by mail, or in person at any New York DMV office. Online payments can be made through the New York DMV website by creating an account and entering the information from your traffic ticket. Payments by mail should be addressed to the “New York State Department of Motor Vehicles” with the citation number and your driver's license number included. In-person payments require you to bring your traffic ticket to a New York DMV office.

Getting a Traffic Ticket Dismissed in New York

To have a traffic ticket dismissed, you must complete an approved traffic school course within 90 days of receiving your ticket. This approach not only leads to ticket dismissal but also helps you improve your driving skills.

New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program

The New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) from I Drive Safely is a 6-hour online course approved by the New York State DMV. It provides a comprehensive overview of defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. Completion of this course within 90 days of receiving a traffic ticket could result in ticket dismissal and a 10% discount on auto insurance premiums.

Defensive driving is a set of driving strategies that contribute to accident prevention. Techniques include situational awareness, safe speed maintenance, and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.  These techniques are taught in the NY Point and Insurance Reduction Program.  They are used so much in fact that the course is commonly referred to as New York Defensive Driving.

Online Defensive Driving in New York

A leading provider, IDriveSafely, delivers an online, self-paced defensive driving course, approved by the New York DMV. The convenience and user-friendly curriculum make it a popular choice. stands out because of its offerings in multiple states across the country.  The brand has famously helped over 6 million people dismiss their tickets.

Taking an online defensive driving course in New York with I Drive Safely has multiple benefits:

  • Eligibility for point dismissal from your driving record
  • A 10% discount on auto insurance premiums
  • Learning defensive driving techniques to help avoid accidents
  • Enhancing your driving skills, making you a safer driver

How Often Can I Take Defensive Driving in New York?

In New York, drivers can take a defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket once every 18 months. The course must be approved by the New York State DMV and completed within 90 days of receiving the ticket. Successful completion of the course results in ticket dismissal, meaning no fine payment and no points added to your license. This process serves as an effective way to improve driving skills, become a safer driver, and avoid the negative impacts of traffic violations.

New York Traffic Statistics

Understanding traffic incidents, fatalities, and injuries in New York could provide greater insight into the importance of safe and responsible driving. In 2020, there were 126,251 traffic accidents in New York, of which 1,673 were fatal, and 122,947 resulted in injuries. Drivers involved in these fatal accidents had an average age of 39.

The most common cause of fatal accidents was speeding, contributing to 29% of all fatal accidents, followed by distracted driving at 17% and alcohol intoxication at 11%.

Particularly concerning is the fact that teenage drivers accounted for 13% of all drivers involved in fatal accidents in 2020, with speeding, distracted driving, and alcohol intoxication being the most common causes.

Conclusion on New York Defensive Driving

Leveraging resources like NY defensive driving courses helps familiarize drivers with traffic laws, and essential hazard avoidance techniques, and contributes to overall safety on Florida's roads. As we emphasized in our guide for New York Drivers Ed, understanding and navigating the driving landscape in your state is crucial. By promoting safe driving practices, we can all contribute to the reduction of road accidents, making our roads safer for everyone.

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