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Wisconsin Defensive Driving and Ticket Dismissal Guide

Traffic tickets in Wisconsin are implemented to maintain road safety, hold drivers accountable for their actions, and promote adherence to traffic regulations. Every motorist in Wisconsin should understand the potential outcomes of traffic violations, ranging from fines and points on your driver's license to possible jail time in extreme cases.

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Wisconsin Defensive Driving - Online Ticket Dismissal and Traffic SChool - WI DMV Approved - IDriveSafely.com

Types of Traffic Tickets in Wisconsin

Drivers in Wisconsin may be issued various types of traffic tickets, including:

  1. Speeding tickets
  2. Reckless driving tickets
  3. Driving without a license tickets
  4. Driving under the influence (DUI) tickets
  5. Failure to yield tickets
  6. Red light camera tickets

The penalties for these offenses vary based on the severity of the violation.

Fines and Penalties for Traffic Tickets in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, traffic tickets carry fines and penalties that correlate with the severity of the infraction. A speeding ticket may range from $25 to $1,000, while a DUI ticket can cost between $375 and $1,075.

Moreover, traffic tickets result in points added to your driver's license. For example, a speeding ticket can result in two points, while a DUI ticket adds six points. Accumulation of an excessive number of points can lead to the suspension of your license.

Contesting a Traffic Ticket in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, drivers have the right to contest a traffic ticket in court. If you're found not guilty, the fine will be dismissed, and no points will be added to your driving license.

Avoiding Traffic Tickets in Wisconsin

The most effective way to avoid traffic tickets is to strictly adhere to traffic laws, stay alert, avoid distracted driving, and never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Paying Traffic Tickets in Wisconsin

If you choose not to contest a traffic ticket, you'll need to pay the fine either online, via mail, or in person at any Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. Online payments can be made through the DMV website, while mailed payments require a check or money order payable to the “Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles”.

Traffic Ticket Dismissal in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, completing an approved traffic school course within 90 days of receiving a ticket can lead to ticket dismissal. Once you send proof of completion to the court handling your ticket, your fines may be dismissed, and points prevented from being added to your license.

Wisconsin Defensive Driving Courses: iDriveSafely

Wisconsin offers two separate DMV-approved defensive driving courses via iDriveSafely:

1. Wisconsin Online Traffic School

This 4-hour general defensive driving course covers defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. Successful completion can qualify for ticket dismissal and a 2-point safe driver credit on your driving license.

2. Wisconsin Failure to Yield

This 2-hour course assists drivers convicted of a Failure to Yield violation. It covers the laws of right-of-way, yielding to pedestrians and cyclists, and avoiding accidents at intersections. Completing the course within 90 days of receiving a Failure to Yield ticket may lead to ticket dismissal.

The primary difference between these courses is their focus. The Online Traffic School covers a broader range of topics, while the Failure to Yield course specifically targets one particular traffic violation.


You can sign up for these courses at iDriveSafely.

A Statistical View of Wisconsin Traffic Accidents

In 2021, Wisconsin reported a total of 258,570 traffic crashes. Sadly, 621 of these were fatal, resulting in 28,457 injuries. The main contributing factors to these accidents were speeding, distracted driving, and alcohol intoxication. These statistics emphasize the importance of adhering to traffic laws and the potential value of defensive driving education to promote safer driving habits in Wisconsin.

The Value of Defensive Driving in Wisconsin

Defensive driving courses serve as vital resources for refining driving skills, enhancing road safety, and upholding traffic laws in Wisconsin. Through an understanding of traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and safe driving practices, we contribute to reducing traffic accidents and fostering safer driving environments.

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