Optimize the Implant Site, Optimize the Outcome

Osseodensification – Optimize the Implant Site, Optimize the Outcome


Position: Adjunct Faculty, Department of Postgraduate Prosthodontics, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Petros Yuvanoglu obtained his dental degree Summa Cum Laude from Semmelweis University in Budapest in 1995. Excelling in his studies, he graduated as valedictorian. In 1998, he completed a rigorous three-year post-graduate specialist prosthodontist program at Tufts University in Boston, USA, subsequently earning a certificate in the dental specialty of prosthodontics. Currently, he is an adjunct faculty member at Tufts University.

From 1999 onward, Dr. Yuvanoglu has been practicing full-time as a specialist prosthodontist, primarily concentrating on prosthodontic treatments for teeth and dental implants. He's a distinguished speaker at numerous national and international dental conferences and has been invited to deliver talks at prestigious institutions such as the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED), the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), and the Pikos Institute.

In 2011, in partnership with Dr. Costa Nikolopoulos, Dr. Yuvanoglu founded the “SameDay Dental Implants” Clinic in Dubai, UAE. This clinic has received the esteemed titles of Branemark Osseointegration Center Dubai and Zaga-Zygoma Implant Center Dubai.

Course Details:

This comprehensive day-long training aims to reduce the learning curve associated with understanding the principles behind Osseodensification. The program is divided into two main sections:

  • Didactic Scientific learning and Hands-on Practical Training.
  • 3.5 hours of didactic scientific education, complemented by a clinical cases review, followed by an additional 3.5 hours of hands-on training with actual bone specimens and simulation models.

This course delves deep into the clinical applications of Osseodensification using the Densah® Bur Technology. The various topics covered include:

  • Compaction Autografting technique.
  • Site optimization using the Densah® Bur to bolster Implant Stability.
  • Sub-Crestal Sinus Autografting, Lateral Ridge Expansion, Immediate Implant Placement, Guided Expansion Graft Procedures, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the biomechanical, histological, and extensive clinical evidence of Osseodensification.
  • Master the Clinical Versatility of Osseodensification: including techniques like Sub-Crestal Sinus Lift, Lateral Ridge Expansion, and Immediate Implant Placement with OD.
  • Understand how bone can be preserved, expanded plastically, and its strength enhanced in a systematic manner.
  • Evaluate the effect of Osseodensification on implant total stability, particularly for early and immediate loading.
  • Assess risks and develop strategies to avoid potential complications.
  • Engage in hands-on practical sessions using actual bone specimens and simulation models.

CE Credits:

Participation: Credit Hours – 7

AGD Code: 690


Participants will receive a certificate of participation from CAPP Training Institute.

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