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Illinois Drivers Ed Guide

New drivers in Illinois are embarking on a significant journey to become responsible, law-abiding motorists. To safeguard their transition, the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) implements a variety of requirements and restrictions aimed at fostering safe driving habits.

In this guide, we will be covering the steps to getting your Learners Permit and subsequently your driver's license in the state of Illinois.  We try to be exhaustive in this article, so if you are aged 18-20 and interested in adult drivers ecuation, we suggest heading over to  Aceable is the #1 online driver's education provider for adults in Illinois.  They are state certified and by clicking this link or the banner below, you'll be eligible for an exclusive discount there.  They have excellent customer service that is miles better than anything the government has to offer.  If you get stuck during the process of getting your driver's license, you can be sure that Aceable is there to be your helping hand.

For teenagers, a classroom model of instruction is required to get your driver's license.  You'll want to read more in this guide to get an idea of the process you're looking at.

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The Initial Step: Learner's Permit

Beginning at 15 years old, teenagers in Illinois can apply for a learner's permit. To earn this permit, they must complete a state-approved driver education course (an in-person course is required for teenagers), pass a vision test, and showcase their understanding of Illinois road rules through a written knowledge exam. Once equipped with a learner's permit, teen drivers are required to be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old at all times when driving, display the permit prominently, and strictly adhere to all traffic laws.

Adult Drivers Education in Illinois

In Illinois, it's essential to remember that teens are required to complete their driver education in a traditional classroom setting, as online driver education is not currently permitted for this age group by the state. While it may seem a bit more demanding, this requirement ensures that young drivers get the best possible foundation for safe driving.

The rules are different for new drivers aged 18-20. This group is allowed to take an Illinois adult driver education course online.  This is a more flexible and convenient option. Aceable, in particular, offers an adult online driver education course in IL that is both affordable and state-approved.

Illinois Provisional License

Once teen drivers have held their learner's permit for 12 months and accrued at least 50 hours of supervised driving practice, they're eligible to apply for a provisional license. This license grants them greater driving freedom but maintains important safety stipulations, like a curfew, passenger limits, and a ban on using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving.  Most drivers should abstain from things like electronic devices to be safe while on the roadways, but for teenagers on an Illinois provisional license, it is the law.

Full Driver's License in Illinois

After maintaining their provisional license for 24 months without any traffic violations, teens can apply for a full driver's license. This milestone requires another round of vision and written knowledge tests.  Once these two tasks are completed, you are eligible for your new drivers license.

Additional Considerations

Aside from these stages, applying for a driver's license in Illinois involves several other prerequisites. These include paying applicable fees, providing proof of identity and residency, possessing a Social Security number, and undergoing a physical examination.

Advice for Teen Drivers

Owning a driver's license comes with great responsibility. It's vital that all drivers, especially new ones, commit to:

  • Defensive driving: Stay prepared for the unexpected and react accordingly.
  • Adherence to traffic laws: They are in place to protect everyone on the road.
  • Distraction-free driving: Keep your focus on the road, not on your devices.
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs when driving: These substances can impair your ability to drive safely.
  • Awareness of your surroundings: Understand the flow of traffic and adjust your driving accordingly.
  • Safe speed driving: Follow the speed limit and adjust your speed based on road and weather conditions.
  • Patience: Driving isn't a race. Take your time and get there safely.

Whether you're driving down the Magnificent Mile in Chicago or cruising through Springfield, Peoria, or Rockford, these pointers will help ensure that you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers enjoy safer, smoother travels on the roads of Illinois.