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IPEC Coaching: Empower Your Coaching Journey

Founded in 1999 by Bruce D. Schneider, iPEC Coaching has been empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their highest potential. With the unique coaching methodology developed by Schneider called “uncovery”, iPEC has risen to become one of the premier coaching schools worldwide.

From its accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2002 to the launch of its online program in 2005, iPEC has continuously innovated to make its impactful programs accessible globally. To date, iPECcoaching.com has proudly trained over 25,000 coaches in various fields such as corporate, healthcare, education, and personal development, demonstrating the potency and versatility of its program.

Introduction to iPEC Coaching

iPEC Coaching stands as a beacon for individuals and organizations striving for their peak performance. Offering a plethora of programs that cater to aspiring and experienced coaches alike, iPEC Coaching carries the mission of empowering these individuals and organizations to break barriers and reach new heights.

Standing firm on its commitment to quality and ethics, iPEC's programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world's leading coaching organization. iPEC's meticulously crafted programs cover a wide range of crucial topics for any aspiring coach. From the coaching process and communication skills to goal setting, leadership, and personal development, every aspect of becoming a transformative coach is tackled.

For the convenience of their students, iPEC delivers its programs in various formats. Whether you prefer learning online, in-person, or a blend of both, iPEC has a solution for you. Not only do they train you to be an effective coach, but they also offer the flexibility to suit your personal needs. Graduates of iPEC Coaching have found their place in various settings such as corporate, healthcare, education, and personal development, contributing to the growth and development of these fields.

Benefits of iPEC Coaching

Choosing iPEC Coaching ushers in a host of benefits:

  • ICF Accreditation: As a student of iPEC, you are assured of a program that meets the ICF's stringent standards of quality and ethics.
  • Variety of Programs: No matter what field of coaching you wish to enter, iPEC has a program designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Flexible Learning Formats: With online, in-person, and blended formats available, you can learn in the style that best suits you.
  • A Track Record of Success: The success stories of iPEC graduates span across different fields, reflecting the effectiveness and versatility of iPEC’s programs.

These benefits make iPEC Coaching a top choice for anyone aiming to kickstart their career in coaching.

iPEC Coaching Reviews

Feedback from graduates and students of iPEC Coaching overwhelmingly praises the transformative nature of the program. Many credit their newfound career success to iPEC's comprehensive training modules and the supportive coaching community that iPEC has fostered. A common theme among reviews is the appreciation for iPEC's robust yet flexible curriculum which accommodates a variety of personal learning styles.  The main criticism of the course is that it is a life investment.  The course is not cheap.  Here's what people had to say about the money they invested and how they felt about how that had paid off.

  • The ROI for iPEC Coaching has been incredible. I have been able to use the skills and knowledge I learned in the program to start my own coaching business, and I am now making more money than I ever did in my previous job.” – Sarah J.
  • “IPEC Coaching has helped me to achieve my goals and live my best life. I have been able to increase my income, improve my relationships, and find more balance in my life. The ROI for the program has been well worth the investment.” – John D.
  • “iPEC Coaching has given me the tools and resources I need to be a successful coach. I am now able to help my clients achieve their goals, and I am making a difference in their lives. The ROI for the program has been amazing.” – Mary S.

iPEC Coaching for Professionals

While iPECcoaching.com is valuable for aspiring coaches, it's also advantageous for professionals across various industries. Whether you're a corporate leader, a healthcare provider, or an educator, the skills you gain through iPEC's programs can significantly enhance your ability to guide, support, and inspire others in your respective field.

Efficacy of Coaching Services

Coaching has been empirically shown to be highly effective in helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. A 2021 study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) found that over 86% of companies saw a return on their investment after employing coaching services. Furthermore, clients who receive coaching reported improved self-confidence, relationships, and work performance.

Costs of iPEC Coaching

While the cost of iPEC Coaching varies depending on the program chosen and geographical location, it is a valuable investment in your personal and professional development. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, prospective students are encouraged to contact iPEC directly or visit their official website.

Comparable Brands to iPEC Coaching

Other coaching institutions comparable to iPECcoaching.com include the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), the CoachU, and the Life Purpose Institute. While these institutions offer similar coaching programs, iPEC's unique “uncovery” methodology, ICF accreditation, and the versatility of its curriculum set it apart from the competition.

Is iPEC Coaching Legit?

With over 20 years of experience, thousands of successful graduates worldwide, and ICF accreditation, iPEC Coaching is a legitimate and highly reputable coaching institution. For anyone considering a career in coaching, or professionals seeking to enhance their leadership and communication skills, iPEC Coaching is an investment that promises rich rewards.


In a rapidly changing world, the ability to coach and inspire others is invaluable. Whether you're an aspiring coach or a seasoned professional, iPEC Coaching offers comprehensive, flexible, and transformative programs that can empower you to reach new heights in your career. For anyone seeking quality coaching education, iPEC Coaching is a worthy consideration.

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