Drivers Ed in Austin, Texas

Looking for a driving school in Austin? With numerous options available, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to find the right one. We've done the research for you. Whether you're considering online drivers ed with someone like Aceable, or the traditional in-classroom format, we have reviewed the best options in the area. Here's what we found:

Online Drivers Ed versus Offline Drivers Ed

Online drivers education has gained popularity among parents and students due to its flexibility and convenience. Students can take the course anytime, anywhere.  Courses are available on a student's phone or computer.  Because the coursework is so accessible, it is a convenient choice for busy families. Online courses are interactive, engaging, and even safer than traditional methods. Even so, we understand that some still prefer an in-classroom experience.  To suit all readers, we've reviewed options for both.

Parent-Taught, Instructor-Taught, and Traditional Options

In Texas, you have several options when it comes to drivers education.

  • Parent Taught: This option is the most popular choice in Austin and across the state. Parents act as supervisors.  They oversee their child's progress and teach behind-the-wheel practice. It's a cost-effective and convenient option.  The curriculum is even available online!
  • Instructor Taught: With this option, students complete the educational portion of the course online with a provider like Aceble.  The student then receives behind-the-wheel practice from a driving school instructor.
  • Traditional: The traditional option offers an in-classroom experience where both the educational portion and behind-the-wheel practice are conducted at a driving school. This option tends to be more expensive and less popular among Austin teens.

Legitimacy of Online Drivers Ed

Online drivers education is completely legitimate.  Online coursework is almost as old as the internet itself in the lone star state.  It has been legal in Texas for over 22 years. Many certified online providers offer state-approved courses.  More than 8 million students have graduated from these programs. You can trust the quality and effectiveness of online drivers ed.

Texas Online Drivers Ed - TDLR Approved -Is Aceable Legit?

Our Top Picks for Parent-Taught Online Drivers Ed in Austin

Here are our top recommendations for parent-taught online drivers ed:

  • Aceable: Considered the top drivers ed provider in Texas, Aceable offers the best ratings, fresh content, and top-notch customer service. They have a seamless app and web experience.  Their tech savvy offering allows you to take the course whenever and however you want. It's the ultimate choice.
  • As one of the oldest online providers, offers a good mobile experience. While their content may be slightly dated, they excel in behind-the-wheel training. Choose them if you prioritize practical instruction.
  • I Drive Safely: With millions of graduated students, I Drive Safely is a reputable national school. They provide excellent customer service and valuable parent resources. Note: One downside of the course is that its content and mobile experience does need some updates.
  • DrivingQuest: Though new to the online space, DrivingQuest brings their experience from Driving Zone in McAllen, Texas. While they don't offer a mobile app and need improvement in customer experience, they stand out as a budget-friendly option.

Safety and Quality of Online Drivers Education

Online drivers education is safe.  Studies show that it provides quality and streamlined training for students. With the course accessible from home, it ensures the comfort and safety of your child. The interactive content and frequent quizzes promote active engagement.  The method of instruction prevents students from getting bored or zoning out. In fact, students who have completed online drivers ed often perform better on their written exams at the DPS.

Traditional Driving Schools

If you prefer the traditional in-classroom experience, we've also selected the top driving schools in Austin based on various criteria:

  • Austin Driving School (Anderson Mill Rd): This location has received mixed reviews, with some praising the classroom portion but noting difficulties with scheduling drive times. Exercise caution when considering this option.
  • Travis Driving School: Known for high pass rates on the State Road Test, Travis Driving School offers good service at an affordable price. They provide a wide range of class and drive times, making them a highly recommended option.
  • (Research Blvd): This well-established provider offers professional instructors and a fleet of vehicles. However, they have received some negative ratings for customer service.
  • National Driver Training Institute: With a solid reputation and excellent program, the National Driver Training Institute operates many locations across the country. Former students highly recommend them.
  • Austin Driving School (West Slaughter Ln): This location has experienced instructors, but some reviews mention difficulties in scheduling drive times due to a shortage of instructors. Exercise caution when considering this option.
  • Austin Driving School (Bee Cave): Accommodating staff and professional driving instructors make this location a good choice for in-classroom training.
  • Austin Driving School (Manchaca Rd): Parents appreciate the shuttle service provided by this location. However, scheduling drive times and communication with staff may pose challenges. We recommend it with caution.
  • Easy Street Driving School: Highly rated and considered the best driving school in East Austin, Easy Street boasts professional instructors who boost student confidence. Both staff and instructors are commended for their kind and friendly demeanor. We highly recommend them.
  • ABC Driving School: As a family-owned business, ABC Driving School receives top marks for their excellent program and friendly treatment of clients. Flexible drive times and patient, knowledgeable instructors make it a highly recommended option in Austin.
  • Operating multiple locations across the state, offers a great program with informative content for new drivers.

Please note that the ratings and reviews mentioned above are current as of 5/1/2018 and may have changed since then.

Statistics on Teenagers and Drivers Education in Austin

Let's consider some census data from Austin, Texas, which shed light on the relevance of drivers education and teenagers in the city:

  • The population of Austin is 961,855, with 16.8% being under the age of 18.
  • The median age in Austin is 33.1 years old.
  • The high school graduation rate in Austin is 87.4%.
  • The traffic fatality rate in Austin is 2.4 per 100,000 residents.
  • In 2021, 15 teenagers were involved in fatal car crashes in Austin.

These statistics indicate that teenagers in Austin face a slightly higher risk of being involved in fatal car crashes compared to teenagers in other parts of Texas. This can be attributed to the city's large size and the significant number of teenagers in the population.

To reduce the number of fatal car crashes involving teenagers in Austin, several measures can be taken:

  • Increasing the number of teenagers who receive driver's education.
  • Improving the quality of driver's education programs.
  • Considering raising the driving age in Austin.
  • Investing in infrastructure improvements, such as safer roads and sidewalks.
  • Educating teenagers about the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving.

By implementing these steps, we can create a safer environment for teenagers to drive in Austin.

Additional statistics relevant to drivers education and teenagers in Austin include:

  • The average teenager in Austin drives 10,000 miles per year.
  • The most common causes of fatal car crashes for teenagers are distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving.
  • Teenagers are more likely to be involved in fatal car crashes at night and on weekends.
  • Teenagers who receive driver's education are less likely to be involved in fatal car crashes.

Considering these statistics, it's crucial to prioritize drivers education and equip teenagers with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive safely on Austin's roads.

We hope this information assists you in making informed decisions about drivers education in Austin, Texas.  Remember to consider all of your options and pick the education method that works best for you!  Best of luck and be safe out there on some of my favorite roads in the world.

I lived in Austin for 5 of the most special years of my life and still have an image of Congress hanging over my desk.  It's where I helped create Aceable and some of my favorite parts of myself.  The city is a truly special place and I miss it.  Take care of it for me. ❤️

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